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Philadelphia HCG Diet SpecialistsBy the time many men and women in Philadelphia reach this page, they have tried every diet plan they know of to lose weight. Some of these diets have a specific requirement, such as to avoid carbohydrates, sugar, or fat.

Others, like the grapefruit diet, advise you to eat an excess amount of one particular food. You lose weight at first, but then gain it back when you have to live in the real world. The HCG Diet offers you something different. You lose a significant amount of weight during the active phase of the plan and then learn how to keep it off during the maintenance phase.

A low calorie diet emphasizing healthy food choices and daily administration of the HCG hormone are the keys to success with this program. The hormone helps to control hunger while going after areas of fat storage at the same time. With other diets, you lose muscle instead of fat after several weeks of reduced calorie intake. This is your body’s natural reaction to the message that it’s starving. Muscle loss also causes irritability, weakness, headaches, and extreme hunger. It’s no wonder that many people in Philadelphia Pennsylvania give up on other diet plans after a short time.

How it Works

When men and women hear that there is a real weight loss solution available to them, they immediately ask, “What is the HCG Diet?” Doctor Albert T. W. Simeons originally developed this obesity management program back in the early 1950s. He observed that the same hormone that helped pregnant women nourish their developing babies could also help people manage their hunger. HCG resets the metabolism so you can lose weight quickly while still feeling satisfied. The majority of people on the HCG Diet in the Philadelphia area drop pounds more than twice as fast as they have with any other program.

Most HCG Doctors advise you to refrain from heavy exercise while you are actively losing weight. There is time for that later when you start the maintenance phase. You may also need to take additional vitamin supplements and avoid certain personal care products during the first several weeks. This is because many of them contain fat and oil that can get into your system and interfere with how the HCG works.

Contact a Local HCG Diet Specialist to Get Started

In addition to the fast results, you can expect individualized treatment when you work with a weight loss provider in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Before your doctor administers the HCG hormone for the first time, he or she determines the most therapeutic ingredients and dosage for you. That is why you must complete a physical exam and laboratory testing before you can start the program.

Your doctor also needs to make sure that you are a good candidate for the HCG Diet and healthy enough to withstand the calorie restrictions during the initial phase. Once you get the all-clear, you and your doctor should decide on the method of administration that is best for you. Some of the possibilities include injections, drops, pills, or creams.

Ongoing Medical Supervision to Ensure Your Weight Loss Success

One other major way that the HCG Diet differs from other programs in Philadelphia is that your doctor offers continual supervision and support. He or she is there each time you come in to receive your HCG besides always being available for questions. If this sounds like just what you have been searching for, contact a local Philadelphia HCG Doctor from our directory today.

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