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Learn more about custom HCG Diet programs for menThe pace of modern life and trying to maintain a healthy weight aren’t always compatible. When you put in a demanding 10-hour day at work, you are tempted to eat whatever is convenient. You probably lack the energy to work out as well.

The pounds add up year after year, until one day you realize that you’re seriously overweight and there is no denying it anymore. You sign up for a variety of different diet programs in Philadelphia, all with negligible results. Just as discouragement starts setting in, you hear about the HCG Diet for men.

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. It helps to stimulate puberty in both boys and girls and supports sexuality and reproduction later. The hormone is most prevalent in women when they are pregnant. For this reason, some men assume it’s a female hormone that can cause them to develop traditionally feminine characteristics.

Nothing could be further from the truth. When used as part of a weight loss plan, HCG helps to control appetite and melt away fat. It is so effective at this that men can lose between one and three pounds each day during the initial phase of the plan.

A Low Calorie Diet: The Other Piece of the Equation

The HCG hormone doesn’t help you lose weight on its own. You must also follow your doctor’s recommendation for daily calorie consumption. While the amount may seem low, keep in mind that the HCG controls your appetite so you never feel deprived.

Your diet specialist takes your age, general health, and weight loss goals into consideration before advising you on how many calories you should consume each day. You can expect great results as long as you receive HCG every day during the initial phase and stay within your target range.

The first two days on the HCG Diet are the loading phase. You can eat mass quantities of any food you want for these two days only. This helps to build a fat reserve and reset your metabolism. If you don’t have enough fat storage, your body may derive its energy from your muscles instead. This is something you need to avoid if you want to be successful on the program. When you lose muscle instead of fat, it makes managing your hunger extremely difficult.

Contact a HCG Diet Specialist for a Consultation

The first step in meeting your weight loss goals is locating a doctor in Philadelphia Pennsylvania who offers the HCG Diet. We provide a free directory just for this purpose. Next, call or email the doctor’s office to request a consultation and physical assessment.

These may be two separate sessions or completed at the same time. Your prospective doctor can clarify anything you may not understand during your first meeting together. He or she also wants to learn about your weight loss goals and how you have attempted to manage your weight in the past.

After reviewing the results of your medical exam and hormone panel, your HCG Diet Doctor works in conjunction with a local pharmacy to create your individualized compound. This patient-centered approach is the main thing that separates the HCG Diet from other weight loss programs in the Philadelphia area.

To learn more about the HCG Diet contact a local Philadelphia Pennsylvania area HCG Doctor today to schedule your HCG Diet consultation and find out if an HCG Diet is right for you.

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