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Please use this HCG Diet Doctors in Philadelphia Locator to find a local provider who can help you meet your weight loss goals. You can lose a large amount of weight over the next several weeks with the HCG Diet, regardless of how many diets you have tried in the past. The plan works for those who are clinically obese, those who only need to tone up body fat, and everyone in between.

Our directory lists HCG Diet Doctors in the counties of Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with one or more of the providers listed here to learn more about the HCG Diet. After finding the one who is perfect for you, the next step is to set up your medical exam.

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Glendora Wellness & Medical Weight Loss Center

Glendora Wellness & Medical Weight Loss Center

1300 Blackhorse Pike
Glendora, New Jersey 08029